Bike Counterculture Slack Chat

In the quest to always be several years behind current trends, we’re started up a Slack workspace. Don’t worry, no actual work is involved. What is Slack? Some bullshit collaborative business productivity tool that we are going to hijack and repurpose for nerding out on bikes. Think of it as... Read more

Bike Wheel Diameter Visualizer

For some reason people of the internet (but surely not you, loyal reader!) lose their shit over the prospect of new options like 27.5/650b and ‘Plus’ tires. I don’t really understand the personal anguish there, but I do understand the feeling of analysis paralysis that comes with deciding on a... Read more

Bike Chill-Factor (C-Factor)

Bike sizing by a person’s height is bullshit. Some more enlightened types will use pubic bone height (PBH), which is a step in the right direction. But I think it’s still bullshit. I haven’t cracked this yet, but I’ve got one more arrow in my quiver. Read more

The Crust Evasion Review

Okay, I lied. This is not a review of the Crust Evasion. If you’re reading this, you are probably already in love with the idea of the Evasion and are looking for something to fuel your confirmation bias. To be perfectly honest, the Evasion is my bicycle life partner and I could... Read more

Ocean Air Cycles Erlen Rack Review

Bicycle saddle bags are the epitome of bike counterculture. They are charmingly dorky, functional, weird, and a bit of a merit badge that distinguishes the true bike wizard from the common commuter riffraff (I keed). But there’s a problem … Read more

Bike Size Scaling Chart

Here’s a look at how the perceived size of a bike (stack and reach) sometimes changes unexpectedly when going up or down a specified size for a particular bike. Read more

Bike Fork Trail Chart

Bike Fork Trail is a factor of bike design that greatly impacts how a bike handles or steers. This chart shows the range of trail for various bike frames. Read more

Bike Stack and Reach Chart

Stack and reach are the two bike frame measurements that will tell you the most about how well a bike fits you. This chart is a visual representation of stack and reach for various bikes. Read more