Bike Fork Trail Chart

Bike Fork Trail is a factor of bike design that greatly impacts how a bike handles or steers. This chart shows the range of trail for various bike frames.

In this chart, each row is a distinct model of bike and each mark shows the trail of a particular size frame. Farther left is lower trail and farther right is higher trail.

Bicycle fork trail is a factor of frame head tube angle, fork rake/offset, and tire size. In general, low trail bikes tend to steer “faster” and are often designed to have more weight on the front of the bike (e.g. randonneur bikes). Higher trail bikes steer “slower” and are typically better for more load in the back. There is plenty more reading to be done on the subject that goes beyond the scope of this chart.

For some frames in this cart, the trail figure varies based on frame size. This will present as multiple marks on the same row. This is typically a side-effect of changes to the headtube angle which is sometimes done to reduce toe overlap on smaller frames with too-large a wheel size.

Don’t see the bike you’re interested in here? The bike geometry database is currently open for anyone to contribute to. It just takes a few minutes of your time and any additions will be included in the next day’s chart refresh. Try it!