Bike Counterculture Slack Chat

In the quest to always be several years behind current trends, we’re started up a Slack workspace. Don’t worry, no actual work is involved.

What is Slack? Some bullshit collaborative business productivity tool that we are going to hijack and repurpose for nerding out on bikes. Think of it as our Queen Anne’s Revenge from which we will stage our assault upon the bike industry.

So the intent of this chat is to give us an outlet for the exchange of ideas that is not so purely visual as Instagram but a little more freeform than Internet forums. Use it to ask tech questions, organize trips and rides, share cool shit, and whatever else you might think of. Just don’t be a dick, please.

I’m going to put out the signup link for a while because I am tired of handling invites individually. Maybe introduce yourself and think of what direction you want to take things. Make a channel, let your buddies know, and let’s see how things go. After a few weeks we’ll switch to invitation only so let’s get it going: Join

Also, since I have no idea how Slack works please share any newbie tips in the comments to help us get set up. One that was already mentioned is that you can set you preferences if you don’t want notifications for every asinine comment that comes in (and there are gonna be lots!).