Hi there. I’m Dan (@hobocross)

My day job is as a business analyst at a fruit-themed tech company. I’m passionate about data visualization because it gives ordinary people (myself included) the ability to understand concepts that are otherwise impossibly difficult to comprehend. Being as much a bike nerd as I am a data nerd, I thought it would be cool to do some analysis on bikes.

The first problem I ran across is that there is no single resource out there for finding out about how bikes bit and feel. There’s not even really a standardized way of measuring bike sizes. It’s the wild west out there!

So in a lapse of judgement, I’ve taken the initial steps to put together a simple Bike Geometry Database. This sounds intimidating, but it’s really just a Google spreadsheet. Currently this sheet is open to anyone to add whatever bikes you like (I won’t judge!). Once a day the data visualizations update and pick up any new bikes that have been entered into the database. If you’re interested in contributing, I sure could use the help. Just please try to add all sizes of a particular bike frame to keep the data looking pretty. Trust me- it’s pretty magical to see your contributions pop up in the data visualizations.

In addition to the data nerd stuff, look forward to an assortment of other content coming including product reviews, trip journals, and photos. Let me know your feedback and thanks for stopping by!

Feel free to contact me in the comments of these posts, on Instagram, our Slack workspace, or via gmail (bikecounterculture).