So. Been pretty quiet around here lately. I’ve been focusing on a different project called Bike Insights this year. Don’t worry, this is a good thing and you’ll probably like it.

Bike Insights is the ultimate bike geometry nerd website and we’re doing some pretty cool stuff to demystify bike design by analyzing bike geometry and rider data. Here’s our handy little bike-on-bike comparison tool that everyone is raving about:

The cool thing about Bike Insights is that we’re crowdsourcing information about the relationship between cyclists and their bikes. So we need your help, and your helping us helps us turn that around and help a bunch more people. It’s a lot of helping and everyone feels good.

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering what ever happened to the Bike Counterculture bike database (okay, it was just a little Google Sheet doc) and all the visualizations that used to live here… all that has been paired away and incorporated into Bike Insights. That way we can keep all the objective, data-sciency stuff over there and here I can act like a big ding-dong with impunity. Just try and stop me.

Anyway, Bike Counterculture lives on and I have some ideas for future content so stick around.


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