About Bike Counterculture 

Bike Counterculture is a group of bike nerds who get together to talk about all things cycling-related. This website is a place we share our ideas, experiences, and opinions.


If you are not feeling particularly excited about another bike blog, we get it. Here are some things we want to do differently here:

1. Not take ourselves too seriously. We are, after all, talking about grown-ass adults obsessed with little rolly-machines.

2. Cover things that we care about, not necessarily what the bike industry is hawking or whatever is cool in bike culture at the moment.

3. Be a resource. There is a wealth of collective knowledge and experience in our ranks and we want to curate and share it with you.


The opinions herein are not representative of all the Bike Counterculture crew. I for one think that’s pretty fuckin’ cool.


Editor, I guess

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